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a.k.a. THE DEMON
a.k.a. THE HOLL
a.k.a. THE WITCH

Toho, 1964.11.21

Producers: Itoya Hisao
Noto Setsuo
Minato Tamotsu
Director: Shindou Kaneto
Writer: Shindou Kaneto
Photo: Kuroda Seiki
Music: Hayashi Hikari
Other: Okamoto Tarou ...title drawing
Cast: Otowa Nobuko ... an old woman
Yoshimura Jitsuko ... a young woman
Satou Kei ... Hachi
Uno Juukichi ... a masked samurai
Tonoyama Taiji
Matsumoto Senshou
Kaji Kentarou
Aratani Hosui
Tanaka Fudeko
Yoshida Michinori
Tanaka Hiroshi
Uni Kanzou
Shimakage Nobuko
Plot: In 14th century, Japan was in disorder by a civil war. There was two poor women, older had a young son, who went to the front, and younger was her son's wife. They killed and robbed fugitive warriors one after another to make their living. One day, Hachi, a friend of a woman's son, went home. Hachi told them that their son (husband) was dead in battle. Hachi wanted to have relations with younger woman. She complied with his request because she was too young to be continent. But older woman either. She asked Hachi to fuck her, but Hachi refused. One day, older woman met a devil-face masked samurai. Old woman killed him, and she was struck with an idea that she threaten Hachi and younger woman by this mask. She wore the devil-face mask and emerged from darkness in front of them, and they got away. But she couldn't take off this mask...
Keyword: onibaba, Nikuzuki no men
DVD: Asmic (Kadokawa Entertainment), AEBD-10041, 4935 yen (2001.08.10)

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