Kuchisake-onna 0: Beginning

Nippon Skyway & Pal kikaku, 2008.12.6, Color, 70 mins.
Director: Kodama Kazuto
Writer: Kodama Kazuto
Cast: Endou Mai
Oriyama Miyu
Yanagi Yuurei
Koyasumi Akira
Harita Miho
Igarashi Mochihito
Shinagawa Tooru
Plot: Inoue Yayoi and Misato are beautiful and get along well, although Misato is feeling inferior to her features which was burned in her childhood. One day, they lost my way back. While they discover a skeleton, Misato is hurt. A married couple who cut grass rush her to a hospital. But Misato is missing, and a married couple are murdered in the woods. Police suspect that Misato killed them and hear evidence to Yayoi. Yayoi is cruelly treated people, and her fiance Tabuchi said good-bye to her. A strange phenomenon occurred around Misato. Misato is cornered morally little by little...
Keyword: kuchisake-onna
DVD: Broadway, BWD-1880 (2009.1.2)

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