Shikiyoku kaidan: Edo no inrei

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trans. Carnal Desire Ghost Story: Lewd Ghost in Edo

Office Yurika & Ookura eiga, 1997, Color, 60mins., X-rated(pink eiga)

Producers: Yamada Seiji
Shima Kenpachi
Director: Sakai Nobuyuki
Writer: Yamada Seiji
Photo: Watanabe Nobuto
Music: Nishijima Yasunori
Other: Tsuchino Toshio ... lighting director
Ishida Kanae ... production designe
Yamamoto Ken'ichi ... recording director
Cast: Urano Ren ... Sasayama Heijuuurou
Chin Dai-Ei ... a girl
Chomi ... Omaki
Hirai Yasushi ... Kinbei
Fukuyama Ryuuji ... a watch guard
Plot: Sasayama Heijuurou, a masterless samurai, is deeply in debt, so he bigins to substitute for a watch gurad of a gibbeted head. One night, Heijuurou chatches a girl who tries to steal the head. She is a daughter of this criminal. Heijuurou want to get her, and he says, "Make love to me for three days , so You'll get your father's head.". Omaki, Heijuurou's lover, instigates Heijuurou to trade her to a prostitute, and Heijuurou agrees it. After Kinbei, a moneylender, has sized up a girl, Heijuurou and Omaki change them mind and kill Kinbei. A girl makes noise. Heijuurou tries to stop her from screaming, but he killed her accidentalle. After then, A girl's ghost visits Heijuurou and Omaki, and askes them, "Please give back me my father's head"...
Keyword: Grudge Ghost
Video: Studio DS, 5800 yen and tax
DVD: Studio DS, 3800 yen and tax

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