Jushin: Shinrei toshi densetsu

trans. Cursed Call: Spritual Urban Legend
aka. Oda Asami in Jushin Sonrei toshi densetsu
aka. Tokyo shinrei night: Idol kyoufu densetsu (trans. Tokyo Spritual Night: idol fear legend) (DVD title)
Mizunet TV, 2011.7.29, Color. 33 mins.

Director: Mizune T
Cast: Oda Asami
Okada Goichi
Akamatsu Yumii
Mizune T
Plot: Oda Asami began to repot for a spritual TV show, while she was troubled by a nightmare about the death of her friend Shiori. One day, crew found that person called Shiori posted her blog. they investigateed with a spritual profile Micky Shunko, but they encountered with scary incidents. [mockumentary]
DVD: [Tokyo shinrei night: Idol kyoufu densetsu] Trans World Associates (2012.1.7, c/w "Shinrei idol Yuureiko: The Kourin")