Battle of Two Horror Queens.


by Hamasaki Hiroaki

Two japanese horror queens, Miss. Saeki Hinako (Kuroi Misa of "Eko Eko Azarak" series) and Miss. Natsuo Yuuna ("Otsuya"), vie to perfome WEIRDLY with one another.

Yano Aya (Miss. Saeki) is a minor fashion model. One day, she get a job. It is Dr. Morimiya's public lecture about the aging of the skin. Aya gets hurt because Dr. Morimiya regards her as just data for research in public. Dr. Morimiya apologize to her honestly. So Aya feels friendly him. Aya visits his laboratory and Dr. Morimiya explans his study to her. It is a prevention for skin aging. He hypothesizes that the skin of snake may be applied for it. When Aya visits his house, She meets his youngers sister named Kyouko (Miss. Natsuo) at there. Kyouko seems to hate Aya. This midnight, Aya finds Morimiya embraces Kyouko like lovers. Aya is injured deeply. But Aya forgives Morimiya because he lives apart from Kyouko. Kyouko has animosity against Aya and begins to stalk her. Before long Aya knows astounded truth: Kyouko is not Morimiya's sister, but his mother. Morimiya can prevent his mother's aging by bio-technology adapted the snake's skin. So, Kyouko is ZOMBIE SNAKE...


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