Biohazard 4D: Executer

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D.A. & + N.S.W., 2000, Color, 22mins. (3D movie)

Producers: Yoshida Kenji ... exective
Miyaji Naoki
Director: Oohata Kouichi
Based on the games:
"Biohazard" series
Writers: Okamoto Daisuke
Oohata Kouichi
Music: Ike Yoshihiro
Other: Nanami Gouta ... creature design
Cast: Tanifuji Futoshi
Plot: At Raccoon city, U.S.A., the BIOHAZARD accident happend. Bacillus gas is leaking from the factory of the UMBRELLA pharmaceutial company, and people who is infected with the virus turned to ZOMBIES. the UMBRELLA company sent its troops called U.B.C.S. to Raccoon city urgently...
Keywords: Biology, Virus, Zombie

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