Tomio (DVD)

2011.9.2, Color, 60 mins.

Directors: Itou Junji
Yamaguchi Hiroki ... assitant
Story: Itou Junji
Writer: Itou Junji
Other: Nishimura Yoshihiro ... special makeup
Oda Issei ... VFX supervisor
Cast: Furukawa Yuuki
Kiguchi Aya
Tsuneyoshi Rie ... Yamazaki a nurse
Plot: Tomio visited the fortune-teller's shop with his girlfriend Madoka, and he met a beautifle woman who is olfer than him. He yielded to temptation and had an affair with her. Bit she plot to get his reshly-severed head as a collection.
DVD: Geneon Universal Entertainment, GNBD-1642 (2011.9.2)
Series: "Tomie"