Joshikousei Mystery Circle: Migawari ningyou Aria

trans. High School Girl Mystery Club: Aria a substitute doll

Mizunet TV, 2011.7.29, Color. 40 mins.

Director: Mizune T
Cast: Kobayashi Reina
Takizawa Shiori
Fujita Ayako
Kitazawa Marika
Plot: Four high school girls had the same family and gicen name 'Yamada Hanako'. They formed a black magic club called 'Joshikousei Mystery Circle' and practiced various witchcrafts. After they played fortune-telling, each of they had a nightmare what one of them would die. They took the advice from Lecter a mysterious magician, they made a doll for their as a substitute.
DVD: Trans World Associates, TWAD-1264 (2011.12.2)