Shinin no sosei

trans. Resuscitation of the dead
Konishi honten (now Konica Minolta), date is unknown (c.a.1898???), B&W, Silent, short film

Writer: Hata Eijirou
Photo: Asano Shirou (a.k.a. Ootsuka Shirou)?
Cast: Hata Eijirou ... the dead
Sugiura Soujirou ... a coffin carrier
Kobayashi (from Konishi honten) ... a coffin carrier
Shirai (a cheap sweets shop owner in Osaka) ... a priest
Plot: When people carry the coffin, the bottom fell out and the dead is resuscitated.
Keyword: Resusciation
Reference: Mr. Irie Yoshirou's "Saiko no nihon eiga ni tsuite: Konishi honten seisaku no katsudou shasin (trans. About the Oldest japanese movie: Motion pictures produced by Konishi honten"), p22, 24

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