Bijo nure sakaba

trans. Beautiful woman moist bar

2002, Color, X-rated [Fantasy, Drama]

Director: Kashihara Tatsurou
Writer: Kashihara Tatsurou
Photo: Hasegawa Takuya
Cast: Takemoto Taishi
Yamazaki Koharu
Wakamiya Misaki
Plot: One night, a man kills himself. But he is taken care by a master in a bar called 'Memory Motel' when he wakes up. A master finds him put a bartender and leave his own bar to him. After a master sets out on a tour with a mysterious woman, Utako a female singer comes to a bar. Whenever she sing a song, He has a lot of visitors. He is living a happy life with them, but...
DVD: Uplink (2004.3.26)

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