Girls Shouldn't Play With Ghosts

"Twilight Syndrome: Sotsugyou"

by Hamasaki Hiroaki

Mr. Maihara Kenzou, a director, has created nice TV shows, especialy 'Hiza' or 'Hakai suru otoko' -episodes of "Gensou Midnight (TV series)"- are very interesting. "Twilight Syndrome: Sotsugyou" is his first film on the screen.

It is based on the computer games. In this film, japanese 'idole' girls appear. Miss. Sakai Wakana, a leading actress, looks like infant, but she has huge and heavy breast. The role who Miss. Sakai played is a highschool girl named Yuuri. Yuuri will graduate from highschool and leave her birth place. One day. her friends Masa, Aya, and Atsushi invite her to join the rite for summoning ghosts. Yuuri agrees and they started to this rite at the crassroom. But nothing happens. They think that the rite is unsuccessful.
This night, Yuuri have mysterious experience in her house. Yuuri watches the boy's ghost. But this ghost dosen't attack her and vanishes soon.
Next morning, one of her friend is missing at the riverside. And more one is missing after she was possessed by something evil and hurted another.
A girl who knows about magic and ghost well said Yuuki that Yuuki and her friends summoned the evil spirit and Yuuki must do this rite again to turn the evil sprit away to the other world. Yuuri, this girl, a woman teacher and Yuuri's boyfriend started this rite again. But an evil sprit possesses a woman teacher and attack Yuuri. Fortunately the girl takes evil sprit away from a woman teacher with a charm which her friend sent her via internet and she printed out.
But mysterious accidents happen yet. A girl knows that there is other spirits. One is boy's ghost.
Yuuri watches this boy in her photo album. Yuuki remembers that he is her friend in her childhood. Yuuri and he have burried the box in memory of their friendship in the temple's garden and they made a promise that they will turn up the box at Yuuri's eighteenth birthday. But Yuuri forgot this promise until now.
Something evil possessed a boy's ghost. Yuuri battles against this evil sprit to save a boy's ghost...

Mr. Maihara's direction is very polite. And this plot is too gentle. But I think that there isn't outstanding gimmick or unexpected sequence instead.

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