Serial Killer From The Future

"Another Heaven"

by Hamasaki Hiroaki

EXCITING!!! Unexpected story! Fascinating characters! Gory splatter scenes! and harmony between the psycho suspense like THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and Sci-Fi action like THE HIDDEN!

The cruel homicide happens. The victim was cut the head and stolen his brain. Because the murderer cooked the human-brain stew!
While the police detectives Hayase and Tobitaka investigate this case, The devilsh murderer massacres bad-tastefully one after another. The police regars the murderer is male firstly because the murderer can break the victim's necks easily, But Hayase's girl friend named Asako suggests Hayase that it is not so. That's just right, Hayase and Tobitaka know that the murderer is a young girl by the witness. She is Kashiwagi Chiduru an ordinary girl undergraduate, and she was missing from the museum before the first case has happened. She is caught in the very act of murdering, but she is dead immediately. In her head, her brain reduced to almost nothing.
Next murderer appears the moment Hayase and Tobitaka feel relieved. Kimura a survivor at the Chiduru's last case killed a young girl in same way. Hayase and Tobitaka see that Kimura can jump from one building to another like a superman. Hayase convinces that something evil possesses Kimura. Akagi a coroner called it NANIKA. NANIKA can be parasitic on human head and can move from one to another. They guess that NANIKA perhaps move from Kimura, and they try to find out anyone whom NANIKA lives upon...

Mr. Iida Jouji (a director, a writer and one of authors) said that ANOTHER HEAVEN's theme is the ill will of human being.
HEAVEN for this title means; someone who can enjoy to watch actual gory corpse may regard this present world as HEAVEN. Hayase is one of them either, he became a police detective because he want to watch actual corpse. So NANIKA approaches him to move to his head. If you have same habit, you better be careful.


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