Intellectual Horror Mystery

"Boogiepop wa warawanai"

by Hamasaki Hiroaki

If you have watched Mr. Quentin Tarantino's "PULP FICTION" or Mr. Jim Jarmusch's "MYSTERY TRAIN" and you have enjoyed these unique telling style -simultaneous fragmentary episodes makes one whole story-, I recommend you this film with certainty.

Episode 1: Keiji accidentally catches sight that his girl friend Miyashita Touka in strange black costume are talking with a homeless man. She called herself Boogie Pop. Boogie Pop is another personality of Touka, but Touka never know that. Boogie Pop appears whenever the crisis comes close to her. One night, Keiji watches the mysterious light to the sky. Just after then, Boogie Pop disappears. Keiji wonder if Boogie Pop solves the problem...

Episode 2: Naoko's strange behavior perplexes her girlfriend Akio. When Akio makes a date with her, Naoko comes with her another boy friend Shirou. And more, Akio finds that Naoko gives refuge to a homeless man, who has talked with Boogie Pop before, in the outhouse of the school. She calls him ECOES. She says Akio that ECOES ran away the secret laboratory and he is looking for the his evil enemy. A few days after, Naoko suddenly vanishes...

Episode 3: Nagi is investigating for the drug called SLAVE. Everybody who drink this drug lose their emotions. Her classmate Kazuko finds a cut on her neck on the day following the mysterious light flashing.

Episode 4: Masami, who is in the depth of despair because Nagi gave the vold shoulder to him, witnesses Minako is murdered and eaten by something like herself. It is the mimic and its internal liquid makes human emotion to lose...

Mr. Murai Sadayuki's screen play is GREAT! Though this film is somewhat complicated, I enjoyed so much as a superlative mystery to reveal the real facts of the case by some clues. What a intellectual HORROR-MYSTERY entertainment!!!


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