Interview with the Suicides (?)

"Dead A Go! Go! (VIDEO)"

by Hamasaki Hiroaki

Inviting four suicides, and MC tries to interview them about the reason why they confirmed the suicide and the means how to they did it...
Wait, wait, wait! Nevertheless, how do the staff invite the dead from other world? Ok. This is false documentary. And more, grotesque and bad taste! Very very bizzare movie!!

First suicide is Mr. Onda Shouichi. He died, aged 51. Mr. Onda has run his small factory, but he has on the verge of bankruptcy. Mr. Onda suffered a demand for the payment of a debt. So he desided to kill himself and leave his wife and daughter his insuranve. Mr. Onda went to his factory to die. When he was hanging, he heard the voice of his daughter who is seventeen years old. Mr. Onda watched that his daughter was fucking with a young idiotic boy who was his ex-employee. Mr. Onda was at a loss and he was jerking off unconsciously. But his daughter found it. She rebuked Mr. Onda. "YOU ARE DAUGHTER-FUCKER!" (maybe, ha, ha, ha). Mr. Onda said that he tried to kill himself. His daughter said, "Well, we shall help your suicide." So she was hanging her father with her lover. Mr. Onda relieved himself and his eyeball projected. Mr. Onda closed his life at his un-ease. Well, we knows this case isn't suicide, but it's homicide. But Mr. Onda himself think it is suicide, we must respect the oponion of the deceased. Am I wrong?

Second suicide appear. A necked woman. And She is coverd with blood. Her name is Miss. Yasunaga Mariko. She died, age 28. The reason why she determined the suicide is that her lover said good-bye. She cut her wrist and neck at the bathroom.

Next suicide is in the box. His name is Mr. Sakagami Ryousuke. He got neurotic and he threw himself on a track. His body was dismembered gory.. Some pieces were gathered and crammed in the box. Though MC tries to interview with him, he refuse with spouting out his blood.

Last suicide is a beaytiful girl. Her name is Aikawa Miki. She cut her wrisk in the bathroom. But she was seized with fear, she called the ambulance.
"Wait!", MC asked to her. "Aren't you dead?"
"No.", she said.
"What the hell you did!", MC gets angry. "The dead only come to here!"
MC is a suicide either. Mr. Onda, and Miss. Yasunaga and Mr. Sakagamni boil with rage. Can Miki escape from the other world???

Very wierd!!!


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