Something Like Splitting


by Hamasaki Hiroaki

Mr. Miike Takashi, the director of "Fudoh", made a scandalous novel of Mr. Murakami Ryuu, he is also known as the director of "Tokyo Decameron", into the movie!

Aoyama (Ishibashi Ryou) holds the audition for the leading actress of the movie with his friend Yoshikawa. But this audition is fake. It is for Aoyama to find his bride. Aoyama selects a beautiful girl named Yamazaki Asami (Shiina Eihi) in the girls who entry. Asami is gentle and calm. One night, Aoyama proposes marriage to her. She accepts on condition that Aoyama will love only her after now.
But Asami is vanished after then. Aoyama is looking for her desperately. Aoyama becomes aware that he knows Asami's situation little. He tries to trace up a few clue.
Aoyama visits the ballet studio where little Asako took lessons. There is an old man who lost both ankles. When Aoyama said Asako's nama to him, he get laughing like a crazy. Next, Aoyama goes to the bar where Asako said to him she is working until quite recentry. But the bar is close before a year. He knows that the bar mistress was murdered dismembered. But the police gathered the pieces, it appeared that one tongue, one ear and three fingers remain in excess.
One night, Aoyama drinks usually at his home. Just then, he goes numb. Asami poisoned his drink! Asami is pcycho. She used to dismember everyone who she love.
Asami injects his tongue for him to feel a hard pain. She is pricking long needles on his abdomen and his face. And more, she is cutting off his ankle pleasantly. Aoyama is in great pain...

The sequence that Asami dismembers Aoyama's body is very cruel and most people may cover their faces with their hands. But I think the best high light in this film is the performance of Mr. Ishibashi Ryou!! Because his performance was fine, we can feel empathy deeply for the tragic victim, of course, we can feel a hell of a pain.


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