Mondo Movie by RING's Writer

"Hakkyousuru kuchibiru"

by Hamasaki Hiroaki

Mr. Takahashi Hiroshi, writer from "Ring" series or "Joyuu-rei", made our blood run cold until now. But he himself loves the MONDO movies. So he made a japanese MONDO horror movies by himself. It is this film.

The murder cases that four junior highschool girls were killed and their heads were cut off happened. The police suspect a young man named Kurahashi Michio as the murderer of these cases. But Michio is missing. His mother Eiko and younger sisters, Kaori and Satomi, are shadowed by the police inspectors and chased by the TV reporters.
One day, Satomi goes to the office of Mamiya Etsuko, who is a psychic medium, to consult with her about searching for her missing brother. Etsuko tries to summon the murdered girl's ghosts and let them trace their own heads, because Etsuko is confident that the real murderer possess these now. The girl's ghost appear. Satomi can see them, others can't though. Satomi has psychic power, as Etsuko has.
There is a police inspector who shadows Satomi persistently. When Satomi gets angry, four headless girl's ghost appear. They react Satomi's mind, and they killed an inspector gory. And then, the man in black appears. He introduces himself that he is a secret agent from FBI. He and his coleague are now supervising Etsuko. They know that Etsuko decoys Satomi firstly, and deletes Satomi's memory. They believe that Satomi's brother is not guilty, and the murder cases are Satomi's evil plot.
Just then, Etsuko and her assistant Touma begin mysterios action at Satomi's home. Touma rapes Eiko and Kaori, and they become under his thumb.
The co-worker of the dead inspector goes to Satomi's home for revenge. But Eiko and Kaori hang him by order of Touma. He is dead, but his cock is horning after death. Satomi is caught by her mother and sister, and the hanged man's cock is inserted into her cunt violently. And more, Touma anal-raped her at a time.
Satomi and Eiko dissolve the dead man by vitriol at the bathroom. But the reportes force into Satomi's home to interview about an inspector who visited here and never get out. Satomi's anger run her pcychic powers run uncontrollablely and the reporters are massacred.
Etsuko lets Satomi and her family know that Michio is found out. Satomi, Kaori and Eiko goes to the ruined house where Michio hides himself with Etsuko and Touma. When they arrival there, Satomi, kaori and Eiko remember that they have ever seen this house in their each dreams. Etsuko tells them that they themselves are the real murderers of these cases. And Satomi meets the surviving families of the murdered girls. They attack Satomi, Kaori and Eiko for revenge. Violent Kun-Fu battle begins. The real purpose of Estuko is that Satomi, Kaori and Eiko become the sacrifices and summon the something evil from the darkness world, and FBI agents is moving towards there for the obstruction of Etsuko's evil plan...

Plot is non-sense! And the direction of Mr. Sasaki Hirohisa, the director from "Natural Woman", is disdorder! There are Musical sequence, Comedy Sequence, Kun-Fu action sequence, Violence and Errotic sequence, and Splatter sequence. And these are hermoniously blended in this film! Well, It is just MONDO movie!!
If you will watch it and you will regard it as terrible, the creater may be glad and said, "We've got it!"


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