The More Fearful Tomie Is!

"Tomie Replay"

by Hamasaki Hiroaki

If you have watched "Tomie", you better take care of watching "Tomie Replay" because it will make your blood so curdle more than the former!
To tell the truth, I didn't feel fear to "Tomie", it was well done though. But "Tomie Replay" is a genuine magnificent scary horror!

Dr. Morita (Sugata Shun) examines a little girl named Sayuri. She has been undergone the operation for organ transplantation before, and transplanted organ gets hypertrophy. Dr. Morita tries to operate her for amputation an affected part. But He is astonished that there is a woman head in her body and it is alive! Dr. Morita knows that a girl named Tomie has offered her organ to Sayuri. Tomie can regenerate herself from some part of her body! During the operation, Dr. Morita cut his finger by mistake and Tomie's blood go into his body. Dr. Morita run mad and disappear.
After then, Tomie (Houshou Mai) regenerate perfectly in the hospital. Takeshi meets her, and takes Tomie off to his home. Tomie is so beautiful. Takeshi falls deeply in love with her. But he killed Tomie out of jealousy. Takeshi cut her head from her body, and buries it in the woods. When he goes back to his home, Tomie regenerate again. Takeshi goes crazy.
Tomie digs up her separated her head. The head is alive. But Tomie set it on fire.
Yumi (Yamaguchi Sayaka), Dr. Kuroda's daughter, is locating her father's whereabouts. Yumi finds the her father's notebook. He wrote the message in his blood, "Tomie is taking over my mind. MONSTER! MONSTER! MONSTER! MONSTER!" Yumi can't understand his meaning. One night, Yumi meets Fumihito (Kuboduka Yousuke) who is friend of Takeshi and he is tracing Tomie.
And then, Tomie appears in their presence spookishly...

The director Mr. Mitsuishi Fujirou has directed many video movies before. Though I watched some of these and I judged his ability was average irresponsibly, Now I am ashamed of myself. I reconsider HE IS GREAT after I watch "Tomie Replay". Especialy the direction about madness of Dr. Morita or Sayuri or Takeshi is so skilful!! Of course, so scary either!! Mr. Mitsuishi is remarkable in japanese horror movie after this, I think strongly.


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