Fantastic 'Round and Round' World!!


by Hamasaki Hiroaki

Some directors made the comics of Mr. Itou Junji a japanese famous cartoonist, for example, "Tomie" series, into movies before now. They tried to make spectators' blood run cold, and some of them could succeed and some of them could not. But, I think, Mr. Itou Junji's world is far away off orthodox horror world. Well, I recognize his works are fearful enough. But... I feel there are something uncanny and funny and cheap in his works. That his horror is very very FANTASTIC is caused by these.

One day, Kirie (Hatsune Eriko) catches sight of her boyfriend Shuuichi's father (Oosugi Ren) observing the snail accidentally. He is very interested in the scrolls, so he tries to collect various scrolls, for example, chinawares or billboards. At last, he goes mad, and he makes twisted body himself in the ellectric washing machine in exchange for his life.
At the day of his funeral, attendance witness the cloud of smoke which is made by cremating his body whirl in the sky. This scroll smoke go into the Tombo-pond where ancient relics for the snake worship are excavated.
After then, many mysterious accidents happen in this town. Shuuichi's mother (Takahashi Keiko) breaks the scrolls of her physique, for example, fingerprints or ears. Mitsuru (Abe Sadao) kills himself by rolling in the tire of running car. Kyouko (Saeki Hinako) curl her very long hair extraordinarily. And Kazuki (Takano Hassei) metamorphoses a giant snail...
Shuuichi suspects that people in this town are cursed by the scroll. So he proposes Kirie to run away from here immediately. But the scroll curse will be close to them...

The director, who calls himself not-japanese-style name Higuchinsky, emphasized Mr. Itou's fantastic taste in this film. He mimiced the direction style of Mr. Oobayashi Nobuhiko purposely. Mr. Oobayashi is known as the japanese director of many fantastic horror movies, for example, "House" or "Nerawareta gakuen". Of course, the visual effects surpervised by Mr. Oda Issei is so surrealistic and wonderful.


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