Let's Enjoy Shooting the Zombies!

"Junk: Shiryou gari"

by Hamasaki Hiroaki

Mr. Muroga Makoto who is known as the director of the violent movie "Score" (1995) made the zombie movie. Of course, it is splatter violence more than horror.
In Okinawa, Saki (Shimamura Kaori), Akira (Ebara Osamu), Jun (Asano Nobuyuki) and Kabu (Okumura Keishi) burgle the jewel shop. They get many jewels and run away. They get in touch with Ramon (Tate Gouta) who can exchange stolen goods for money illegally. Ramon gives them suggestion to go to the corn refining factory in ruins.
They get to the factory. Kabu goes upstairs, and he is killed and eaten by the zombies.
Saki finds a misterious laboratory at upstairs. At there, the scientist of American Army invented the new drag called DNX to resucitate the corpse, and he gave a woman corpse (Miha) an injection. She revived as the zombie queen and she ate the scientist and his woman assistant.
Saki, Akira, Jun are running away from there. But Ramon and his men shoot them. Ramon has plan to kill them and pillage their stolen goods. Jun is shot by Ramon's man. But Kabu who becomes a zombie appears. While Kabu zombie kills and eats one of Ramon's men, Saki and Akira run away from Ramon and his men.
Saki and Akira must fight against the gangstars and the zombies to survive...
Saki shoots and shoots the zombies gory. It is like the shooting game. I expect that this film will excite me, but I am sorry I don't so. I can explain the reason why. This film is a lack of tension. If no tention, there is no excitement. Even if several gun fight secene is good separately, total impression is common. But I will not say Mr. Muroga's direction is no good. The direction of horror film is such difficult, I think.

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