It is like... Billy Milligan meets Alterd States

"Isola: Tajuu jinkaku shoujo"

by Hamasaki Hiroaki

Weird Film!! But it is not cheap. The story is very strange. I wonder if the author Mr. Kishi Yuusuke wrote the original novel as a joke, and the director Mr. Mizutani Toshiyuki directed earnestly partly for fun. If so not... Weird after all! (ha, ha,ha...)

A school girl Moritani Chihiro (Kurosawa Yuu, a granddaughter of Mr. Kurosawa Akira!) has twelve maultiple personalities (just half as much Mr. Billy Milligan) . And she get new persolity called ISOLA after Hanshin Earthquake (It's the truth. In 1995, 6000 more people were dead). Kamo Yukari (Kimura Yoshino) who can read another person's mind by psychic power is interested in her, and investigate her 13th personality. Yukari find that a student girl named Takano Yayoi has approached Chihiro. But Yayoi was dead at Hanshin Earthquake. When the earthquake happened, Dr. Sanabe and naked Yayoi were experimenting in Ghost Secession with the Meditation Tank as you know in Ken Russel's DRUG movie "Alterd States". The experiment was successful. Yayoi's ghost escaped apart from her body. Just then the earthquake happened, and Yayoi's body was destroyed and her ghost couldn't return back herself. And then, Yayoi's ghost possessed Chihiro as her 13th personality!!! Unbeliebable!!!
Well, I think you expect the fantastic battle that a psychis lady vs a naked woman's ghost in maultiple personality girl. But... Yukari seems to be able to male mind only. Yukari understands Dr. Sanabe's sufferings well, and they are falling pretty love. Though I don't know that Yayoi's ghost becomes jealous of them, her ghost appeared and attacked them. Yukari is in danger!! Then De. Sanabe asks Yayoi's ghost to possess into himself instead for saving Yukari. Yayoi's ghost asks the question to him. "Do you mean we are united?". Dr. Sanada answers YES. So suffering Dr. Sanabe and naked woman's ghost hold each other. Is it supreme love? No. Because Dr. Sanabe kills himself with Yayoi's mind just after then.
Epilogue. Chihiro's multiple personality are split in two hundread! But she recovers her mental health, and her two hundread personalities are united to thirteen as ever.

Very weird! But I enjoyed so much!


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