Love and Death of SADAKO a witch girl

"Ring 0: Birthday"

by Hamasaki Hiroaki

Though SADAKO is regarded as an evil witch in former films of "Ring" series, this film "Ring 0: Birthday" suggested the reason why she would curse all people and she must be dead by her father Dr. Ikuma Heihachirou.

Thiry years before, young SADAKO (Nakama Yukie) was belonging to the theatrical campany HISHOU. SADAKO had psychic power and she couldn't control it. Ghosts who had been killed by SADAKO's psychic power appeared in the presence of her and some thetrical members. One day a leading lady was dead, and SADAKO was singled out for a star by a director Shigemori (Wakamatsu Takeshi). Of course, Shigemori aimed at making love her. But SADAKO was much taken by Tooyama (Tanabe Seiichi). The opening day of the play which SADAKO stared in came. Before the curtain rose on the first act, Tooyama killed Shigemori accidentaly for SADAKO. Tooyama said SADAKO, "Let's run away after this play would be over.".
When the play started, Akiko (Tanaka Yoshiko) asked Etsuko (Asou Kumiko) to turn on the tape which was recorded at the deadly accident on the public psychic power experiment by Dr. Ikuma and SADAKO's mother 12 years before. At there, Akiko's betrothed was killed by little SADAKO's psychic power. Etsuko agreed to Akiko's proposal, because she was worried that Tooyama would be in danger if he would approach to SADAKO more.
While SADAKO appeared on the stage, other theatrical members found Tooyama's body. They regarded SADAKO killed him. Just then Etsuko switched the tape player on. SADAKO watched her mother's ghost on the stage, and her uncontrollable psychic power killed Dr. Kuno (Mizukami Ryuuji) who was a follower of Dr. Ikuma. Most theatrical members lynched SADAKO at the backstage for the revange of Shigemori. SADAKO was dead. But Akiko said to them that there were two SADAKO and they must kill another SADAKO.
Akiko, Tooyama, Etsuko and some thearical member went to Dr. Ikuma's residence where another SADAKO lived with SADAKO's body. While Akiko meeted Dr. Ikuma, SADAKO was resuscitated. Tooyama tried to run away with her. Akiko and theatrical member gave chase to them to kill SADAKO again. In the presence of Tooyama and SADAKO, a mysterious girl appered. She was another SADAKO. Immediately after when SADAKO had been born, she had been split in half. Dr. Ikuma had shut another SADAKO and stopped her growth by special drag. SADAKO and another SADAKO was united again and killed people by evil psychic power...

The intolerance and persecution to a girl who have psychic power. Well, It is the same theme of Brian De Palma's "Carrie".
There are many many good scenens to see, but I feel something lacking in the point of drama a bit. But I wouldn't say this film is not interesting. I think the director Mr. Tsuruta Norio and the writer Mr. Takahashi Hiroshi tried to balance between the horror and the drama subtletly. It's proffessional work! So I like this film so much.


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