Teito monogatari

It means "Imperial Metropolice Saga".
Japanese black magic novel by Aramata Hiroshi.
Tokyo is the capital of Japan, as you know. But there is also big spiritual place. In 10th century, Tairano Masakado revolted against the emperor, and he was killed in battle there. If Masakado's spirit will awake, Tokyo will be destroy by his curse.
In eary 20th century, Shibusawa Eiichi, ex the Minister of Finance, planed to rebuild Tokyo, and he called a physicist, a officer, and Hirai Yasimasa, an Onmyou (Japanese astrology) magician. But there was a man who obstruct this plan. He is Katou Yasunori, a black Onmyou magician. Katou made the goblins to attack Hirai, and kidnapped Tatsumiya Yukari, who is descendant of Tairano Masakado. Katou knew that she could wake up Masakado's spirit. Katou made her pregnant by his magic. And then Yukari was delivered of a girl, who was named Yukiko. Hirai prophesied when Kato would destroy Tokyo is 1th September 1923. Kouda Rohan, a fanous novelist, and Naruyaki Jun'ichi, a physicist, tried to restrain Kato's plan. In 1923, Katou went to Dairen-city, Manchu, and he made to happen the great earthquake, which is called 'Kantou dai shinsai', in Tokyo by Feng-Shui magic with White Lotus Society. But he couldn't wake up Masakado's spirit because he met with Kouda and Narutaki's resistance. After this great earthquake, Shibusawa planed to rebuild Tokyo. One of his idea was the construction of subway system. But Katou sent the goblins into the tunneling work spot. So Terada asked to help for Dr. Nishimura and his robot. On the other hand, Katou kidnapped Yukiko, and made her sacrifice for Masakado's spirit. Mekata Keiko, a shinto shrine maiden, and Kuroda Shigemaru, a Feng-Shui master, battled with Katou...

Teito monogatari (1988)
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